B-12 Side Effects & Contraindications

While vitamin B12 supplementation is a great solution for most people, there are a few people who either shouldn’t take it at all or who might have an adverse reaction to it.

While some people may have a sensitivity to vitamin B-12, it is very unlikely.  However, if you are sensitive the most common side effects are

  • your skin is itchy
  • you develop a rash
  • you have mild, quickly passing diarrhea
  • you’re mildly nauseous

Much rarer side effects include

  • pores or hair follicles get red and inflamed (inflammatory acne or folliculitis), usually on the face or near the area the patch is applied
  • headache
  • dizziness/incoordination
  • a feeling of swelling of the entire body
  • back pain

People who are actually allergic to cobalamin/ cyanocobalamin or cobalt obviously should avoid vitamin B-12 supplementation without consulting with their doctor.  However, this allergy is extremely rare.  Even so, Healthy Habits’ Transdermal Vitamin B-12 Patches use only the best form of B-12, high quality methylcobalamin.  Most supplements use hard to digest and absorb cobalamin/ cyanocobalamin – be sure to read your labels!

7 thoughts on “B-12 Side Effects & Contraindications

  1. If the B12 soaks in to your skin, how about the glue on the patch, how does it not soak in to your skin? Thanks.

  2. does this patch contain any form of yeast? i have an allergy to all forms of yeast. i’m even sensitive to fungi when i’m having a yeast reaction.

  3. Hi, I am unfortunately one of the rare people who developed inflammatory acne or folliculitis after wearing my 1st patch. It is all along my that side of my face and neck. I removed the patch immediately but it’s been a day now and the bumps are still there. How only will this take to go away?

  4. I tried the B-12 patch and I had pain around my chest area. My husband had a headache and was did not have any energy, he’s a diabete.

  5. You should consult a doctor for medical advice on dosage, especially if you have been diagnosed with vitamin B-12 deficiency. While it is difficult to overdose on vitamin B12, it is certainly possible if you try hard!

    Healthy Habits recommends using one or two 1000 mcg methylcobalamin patches per week.

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