Made In The USA!

Healthy Habits® is proud to be an American company and proud to say that the Vitamin B-12 Transdermal Energy Patch™ is made in the USA! We have our own manufacturing facility right here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Healthy Habits® is proud to employ American citizens to make American products!

US manufacturing of our products is especially important to Healthy Habits® as a family owned company – we believe in good old fashioned American know how and traditional American values! Unlike most of the companies in the vitamin and supplements industry, we don’t outsource production to foreign manufacturing facilities in countries like China. As we’ve all seen in the news, foreign manufacturing a risky business at best, given foreign countries’ questionable labor practices, shoddy materials and poor quality standards!

We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality natural wellness products in the industry, and providing jobs for Americans is the Healthy Habits® way of doing business. Healthy Habits® is doing it’s part to support the United States and keep the American economy strong!

10 thoughts on “Made In The USA!

  1. Hi there,

    We have had some customer inquiries regarding the b12 patch you sell.
    Just wondering if you can provide information to the following for the B12 patch:

    what source is the B12?
    what is the shelf life for the product?
    how do you preserve the b12 in the patch?
    How is the b12 stabilized without it becoming toxic or creating any by products that may be toxic?
    What is the material of the patch?
    Are there any interactions with the material of the patch, the b12 and the glue used on people’s skin?
    Are there any long term studies on the safety of this product?
    what is the source/ingredients of the surgical glue used?

    We appreciate your assistance as we would like to familiarize ourselves with your product thoroughly before considering it to carry in our store if possible. Thanks kindly,

    Maree Price
    Dennis Gournias
    Upaya Naturals
    Toronto: 1-416-617-3096
    Barrie: 1-705-727-1115

  2. Hello there, we are a rawfood company from Denmark, and we would like to sell your b12 patches to the Danish people. Could you email your wholesale price list? Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards Anne

  3. Hi guys,

    Just wondering if you have an Australian distributor?

    If not, do you do wholesale for non-US businesses?



  4. Please send phone number. We are a Natural Healing Center in northern California.

    Ron Strauss
    Radiant Life Health Center

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